It’s all in the eye of the beholder

Should blog comments have video replies or not? What IS the big deal?

There’s major outrage from many hardcore geeks who prefer just the written word as videos are impossible to scan quickly, while more media types who enjoy taking part in video conversations citing it as more ‘intimate’ an experience. Well, of course it is.

Bottom line is that there’s room for both and each will find its place. I imagine that the blogs with a high geek / IT audience will remain mostly with the written word, while blogs attracting those with a more media leaning will eventually become havens for those who enjoy being seen and (let’s be honest) have the time to scan. Personally I’ll probably only watch videos of those people I recognise and who I know will give good value for my time spent.

A few interesting points to be considered are:

Who owns the videos of yourself that you are creating?

What if, in years / weeks / days to come, you would rather those videos did not exist and what rights do you have to get them removed?

You can hide behind a nom de plume with the written word  – but videos leave you completely exposed….

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