Pokémon grows up

Hearing rock and heavy metal oozing out from under the locked doors of teenagers’ bedrooms is about as normal as you can get so I was a bit mystified recently when I heard what sounded like a piano concerto wafting gently my way.  Feeling a bit concerned I knocked on the door and asked calmly where the music had come from.  “Oh, it’s just Pokemon”  16 year old replied, eyes fixed on the screen.  WHAT?!?

Yep, and here it is.  Pokemon theme – the grown up version:

And for those who can’t remember the original:

Like most of his friends this teenager was totally hooked to both Pokémon and his Gameboy when he was six. It was just one of those crazes which schools wished would go away accusing the makers of Pokémon of using over-clever marketing to fuel an “obsession” among schoolchildren .  But neither Pokémon nor the kids did go away, and 10 years on the education system is beginning to take the potential benefits of the game more seriously – as JP Porcaro of the School Library Journal explains how Pokémon can be integrated into science, maths and English lessons.

So let’s finish off on a note from dolphindoodle – great work thanks 🙂

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