About Me – Janet Parkinson

I have over 20 years experience working at Operations Director level within the social technology, social business and global communications industries consulting to FTSE 100 companies globally.  I gained solid experience of social media, social technologies and online marketing as UK Head of Operations for Quirk Digital Marketing (now WPP) which included involvement in the launch, selling and consulting of the social media monitoring analytics tool BrandsEye together with the creation of online marketing and social media strategies for major international companies.

I have been involved in the launch, marketing and selling of several innovative Social Business companies and products including: MiPins (Health & Wellbeing/Employee Engagement platform) and the Smart Work Company (The Smart Work Company (which provides experiential learning programmes for business leaders in new ways of working) and was also involved in the launch of Idea Bounty – a platform for crowdsourcing creative ideas.

I am currently CXO of Agile Elephant – a consultancy which links collaboration, digital and social tools directly to the core business processes of our clients. We co-produce the Enterprise Digital Summit which is held at the British Academy each year.

I am an Occasional Lecturer at the University of Arts, London where I provide ‘Professional Skills for Employment’ training for students which includes understanding the latest recruitment processes and new ways of working in this digital world.

For over 10 years I built a leading international language recruitment consultancy assisting FTSE 100 companies source and build teams from the global talent pool.  I speak fluent French and conversational German and Norwegian.  My passion has always been the global nature of business, people and cultures and how technology is impacting upon the world of work.

twitter: http://twitter.com/JanetParkinson
linkedin: uk.linkedin.com/in/parkinsonjanet/

About Technotropolis

The business world is constantly in beta.  Riding the waves of innovation and cultural shifts are now the norm.  Continual learning, creativity and above all curiosity are key to staying on the cusp of that wave.

Business leaders need to understand how to implement new technologies for internal and external use effectively – McKinsey believes the uplift in productivity through the use of social technologies could be as much as $1.3 trillion annually – while IBM says this will not happen until structures, processes and cultures are transformed.  Technotropolis works with organisations to get the most from social technologies and its people.

Working in the now, looking towards the future, Technotropolis helps organisations span many worlds, innovate and imagine where you need to be.

Thinking towards the Future Business

Social Media:

Imagination is key to being effective on social media platforms.  Have you ever made a nuclear bunker 30 metres under the ground talk on Twitter?  We did… We create, manage, monitor and deliver innovative social media campaigns which will engage customers – and we build bespoke workshops too.

Internal Social Platforms:

Empowering employees via internal social technologies requires much more than just providing a platform.  Behavioural, cultural and process changes need to be considered – which means engaging all personnel. Understanding the power and opportunities created by blending analytics and human skills is an ongoing process – we are involved in ongoing research with companies across Europe in this space.

Transforming structures, processes and cultures:

Global Talent:

Once you’re online you have automatically entered the global economy. It’s a great opportunity but to truly succeed means having a deep understanding of different cultures and ways of working too. We have over 15 years experience working with FTSE 100 companies and SME’s helping source and build the right teams from the global talent pool.

Start Ups and the Art of Becoming Remarkable

We are passionate about helping young companies get off the ground.  To prove yourself and gain an edge in any market takes more than just a good logo, sound business plan and wonderful product.

You need to be unique. Be bold. Be remarkable.

We can help you.

If you would like to know more then contact us: info@technotropolis.com