The Social Business Patchwork Elephant Revisited

Three years ago, in Social Media Week London, we took an in depth look at the emerging Social Business world. We called it a “patchwork elephant” as it is very large, in the room, but it’s hard to see the whole thing!

This year we are doing a review (see here to book) – next Friday, September 27th from 1 to 5.30 pm, at the Hub, Westminster. We will look at what lessons we can learn from the last 3 years since our first event, what is happening today, and where it is all going.

This event is for people interested in discussing the evolution, current state, and future of Social Business, We will discuss issues such as the implementation challenges it will face, how it integrates with existing systems today, which industries and parts of companies are likely to be early adopters, what is the impact on how work is organised and done, and what is still required for it to succeed.

The session will feature talks, Q&A sessions and case studies from companies, consultants and academics working in various parts of the Social Business value chain.

The aim is to leave attendees with a good appreciation of where social business came from and where it is today, and the main opportunities – and threats – going forward. For those already working in the area it will give visibility of more of the whole area from a variety of other viewpoints. Also the event is an opportunity to meet like minded interesting people from the London/UK scene, we will repair to a pub nearby afterwards!.

Our star-studded speaker line up is, in strict alphabetical order:

Will McInness, Nixon McInnes

Mat Morrison, Star Media

Anne-Marie McEwan, The Smart Work Company

Luis Suarez, IBM

Neil Usher, WorkEssence

Twitter Hashtag is #smwsocbiz

The event is sponsored by

The Patchwork Elephant Crew are:

Janet Parkinson, Technotropolis

Alan Patrick, Broadsight

David Terrar, D2C

We look forward to seeing you there!


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